We are Resilient and We Have Each Other


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Once again we are confronted by hate against our families and community. We experience transphobia, biphobia, homophobia, islamophobia, xenophobia, racism, misogyny, and microaggressions daily but the sheer magnitude of the bigotry this election brought forth is painful.

The road ahead will be a difficult one. We face a lot of uncertainty. Some of our friends, some of our family members and some of us may be personally targeted for who we are. Many of the victories we have celebrated over the last few years are threatened. What we have taught our children about respect and kindness has been refuted by the election of a bully. We live in a country divided but we will not lose hope. Since the election, high school students throughout the Bay Area have walked out in protest of the election results. They are chanting “si se puede” and “black lives matter.” They are carrying trans and rainbow flags. This is our future. This is our hope. We are resilient and we have each other.

Know that there are people in your family, given and chosen, and in your community who love you, respect you, and value you. Know that Somos Familia is here to support you and your family and to continue our work for love and acceptance, and to celebrate the beautiful diversity of our community. You are not alone.

Please take care of yourselves. Be sure to eat, sleep, and exercise. Stay in contact with supportive friends and family. Focus on your strengths and those of the community around you. Ask for help if you are experiencing distress. Utilize the resources available to you like the Trans Lifeline, Trevor Lifeline, National Sexual Assault Hotline, Hate Crime National Hotline, etc. We need you here. We need you strong. Each of us has a role to play in our community’s liberation.

The months to come will be difficult. Let’s rely on each other. Let’s build together. Let’s be kind, caring, and compassionate with each other. This is a time to strengthen ourselves and our communities. This is a time to stand up for what we know is right. This is a time to fight for our liberation. We are strong. We have known struggle for many generations and we have survived. We are our ancestors’ wildest dreams and future generations will stand on our shoulders. We cannot allow fear to paralyze us. The future is our.

Stay safe. Stay strong.

Need to talk and be in community space? Join us for a walk around Lake Merritt on Saturday at 10AM or for our community call on Monday at 6:30PM.