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The Community Voices Behind Entre Nos

In February 2017, we launched our animated series – Entre Nos. Entre Nos follows one Latina/o/x family’s journey to accept their gay son and begin to understand how to support him within the family and out in the world. The series grew out of our 10 years of experience working with the families of Latina/o/x LGBTQ people and tackles real situations that families experience. We hope the series will reflect our community and provide hope and information to LGBTQ people and their families.

In the first episode released in 2017, Miguel comes out to his mom by telling her he wants to go to the prom with his boyfriend. We watch as she struggles to accept this news and how it affects Miguel. Entre Nos returns this week with a new episode and new episodes will be released every Tuesday for the next 9 weeks. In the new episodes we meet a teacher at Miguel’s school, an extended family member, and Miguel’s friends.

Entre Nos is not only built from community experiences but also written, animated and voiced by Latina/o/x LGBTQ people and their family members.

Meet 3 of our returning volunteer voice actors from episode seven – Did You Know?:

Pau Lagarde plays Mario.

Mario is a high school teacher, husband to Rosa, and father to Miguel and Noemi.

Pau is an immigrant, trans activist, and educator. Pau graduated from Cal State Fullerton and has dedicated his life to working with marginalized communities, particularly transgender women of color. He grew up in a Catholic Mexican household filled with love. He married his wife Eli in 2015 and recently adopted two cats, Pepita and Obi.

Mirna Medina plays Rosa.

Rosa is a hairdresser, wife to Mario and mother to Miguel and Noemi.

Mirna is a co-Founder of Somos Familia and the mother of a bisexual son. Mirna was born and raised in El Salvador and has extensive experience with community organizing and popular education. She is one of the mothers featured in the video Tres Gotas de Agua and has conducted numerous presentations in a variety of community settings on behalf of Somos Familia.

Daniel Alvarenga plays Miguel.

Miguel is a high school senior, son of Rosa and Mario and brother of Noemi.

Daniel is a queer Salvadoran American born in Los Angeles. He works as a social media journalist at AJ+ by day and blogs about Central America at SalvaCultura by night.


Click here to watch episode six and stay tuned for the premiere  of our seventh episode. New episodes every Tuesday!

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