Podcast: En Esos Tiempos – Ep 2

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En Esos Tiempos is a podcast hosted by Somos Familia Board Member Pau Lagarde and his parents Leo & Susy that covers various historical topics and events related to LGBTQ issues, race, ethnicity, the intersection of identities, culture, family, and more - How old times were and what new times are like.

"Astrology has become an outsider's spiritual practice — beholden to no prescriptive theology and no major religious leader, just the wisdom of the charts."  says Heather Dockray in a 2018 Mashable article.

This episode is about horoscopes. Astrology and horoscopes are some of the many topics that LGBTQ+ Latinxs and their parents often have in common and can share, just like Pau and Susy in this episode. And they are particularly with iconic personalities like the late, great Walter Mercado. There is a long history and tradition of queer and trans folks in astrology all the way dating back to Ptolemy's work centered on the relationship between planetary behavior and sexual behavior.

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