Meet La Tia Cecilia

Susana – Cecilia

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“The most difficult problems affecting Latina/o/x LGBTQ youth are related to negative responses to their LGBTQ identity. Concern about family acceptance is the top problem identified, and having their families accept and support them is a key change they wish for in their lives.”

Supporting and Caring for Latino LGBTQ Youth Report (2012) by the Human Rights Campaign and The League of United Latin American Citizens

Many concerns about family acceptance are deeply connected to religious beliefs, particularly within Latina/o/x families. According to a Pew Center Study, over 70% of Latinas/os/xs attend religious services regularly. Religious beliefs are often a critical obstacle to acceptance of LGBTQ family members.

In this week’s episode of Entre Nos, we meet Cecilia, Rosa’s sister. Cecilia very involved in the church and has a strong reaction to news about having a gay family member. Watch the episode “An Unexpected Visit” here:

The character of Cecilia is played by Susana Taylor. Susana has been involved with Somos Familia for many years. She is the the mother of a queer daughter and a grandmother. Susana is one of the mothers featured in Somos Familia’s short film Tres Gotas de Agua. Here is her story:

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