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Self Care Saturdays

Every Saturday on Facebook Live we have programming to help us through this difficult time during the pandemic. We have talked about caring for our faces and bodies and about mental health. We have painted together and learned about plant care. We have celebrated Mothers’ Day and Pride. Join us this Saturday at 3PM PT on Facebook Live. You can see our previous Self Care Saturdays here:

This Week

Dear Community, This week has brought us many highs and lows. How are you feeling? On a high note, just yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled that the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program will remain in effect, protecting 800,000 recipients – including 60,000 who identify as LGBTQ+. We are so happy that our DACA siblings will be able to continue to live their lives without fear of deportation. You belong here and we are so glad you are part of our familia. Additionally, earlier in the week, the Supreme Court affirmed that it is unlawful to fire LGBTQI+ people

Black Lives Matter

Dear Community,  We are thinking of each of you during these difficult times. We are feeling the weight of all that is happening in our families, communities, and around the country. You may feel angry, sad, scared, and outraged by the compounded situations we are facing. This is a time for us to stand together and support each other in any way possible. We are outraged by the ongoing systemic racism that led to the killings of so many of our Black siblings. We are outraged by the endless reports of police brutality against Black people around the country. We

Somos Familia COVID-19 Community Fund

Somos Familia always strives to build leadership and to support Latinx families and communities so that people of all genders and sexual orientations can prosper and continue to thrive. With COVID-19 disproportionately impacting Latinx and LGTBQI+ communities, Somos Familia wants to strengthen our reach and support to our communities now more than ever.  That is why, Somos Familia is announcing our COVID-19 Community Fund. This fund will provide financial support of up to $500 per individual or family household. We are able to provide these funds to our community members in need due to the generous support of Akonadi Foundation

Staying Connected in the COVID-19 era

Hola Familia! How are you? We are thinking of you all during these unprecedented times. We are here. Reach out and we will do our best to connect you with support and resources. We created a list of frequently asked questions in Spanish about getting resources and support. Many of us are feeling scared, overwhelmed, and alone. Let’s do what we do best and work together to stay connected and fight off isolation, loneliness, boredom, and fear. Reach out to each other and make sure we all feel the love and support familia (given or chosen) has to offer. Although

Nuestras Familias – Full of Complexities and Love

By Nancy A. Ángel-Hurtado Originally published on: Family Equality My parents and I immigrated from Mexico to seek the American Dream in the 1980s. Through my parents’ hard work and determination, we navigated a new neighborhood and a language barrier that made us feel less than and unwelcomed, eventually building a life away from our familia in Mexico. Everything was going according to their plan until I was outed by a family member at the age of seventeen. Instead of denying it, I thought honesty would be best. I was hopeful that they would accept and understand—at their core, they

Vote for Somos Familia

We are so excited to announce that we are FINALISTS for the prize of 2019 BEST OVERALL PARADE AWARD from the San Francisco Pride March and we need your vote to win! We have all put so much work to be the best contingent of the pride parade and this is the first time that we had a float! Please take a minute to vote for Somos Familia The last day to vote is TODAY (8/22) AT 6 PM! Vote and share! Thank you family!! Vote Here!

Family, community support is crucial for transgender, non-conforming youth

Gathering for Families and Diversity

This May, we will be hosting our first ever California-wide gathering for Latinx families with LGBTQ+ children/family members. We are planning a weekend full of community building, discussions, and training. We believe that Latinx families have the power to be LGBTQ+ allies and fierce advocates and want to aid that transformation by providing space for them to learn, heal, connect, and most importantly—celebrate TOGETHER! We are excited to invite familias with LGBTQ members to join the 1st Encuentro de Familias y Diversidad that will take place May 3-5, 2019 at Stanford University.  If this sounds as magical to you as it

The Fear of Going Home

By Fátima Casas Soy una flor con espinas atrevidas y hermosas que no todxs saben valorar.  I am a flower with daring and beautiful thorns that not all know how to value. Bailo y Canto: 💃🏽 “Como la flor/ Like a flowerCon tanto amor/ With so much loveMe diste tu, se marchito/ You gave me you, it witheredMe marcho hoy, yo sé perder/ I march now, I know how to lose” (Selena, Queen of Cumbia) Soy la primera de mi familia que decidió irse de mi casa, the first of my family to leave home. I hopped on the Greyhound in the

Somos Familia is hiring a PT Family Organizer!

Somos Familia is looking for a part-time organizer with a passion for collaboration and support for Latina/o/x families with LGBTQ children. Reporting to the Director, the Organizer’s primary responsibilities will be to coordinate community workshops and parent support activities. Please share with anyone in your network that might be interested. Spanish-language proficiency required. Organization Somos Familia supports Latina/o/x families with children who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer (LGBTQ) and conducts education to create family and community acceptance. Somos Familia is a primarily volunteer-run, intergenerational, bilingual, community-based organization working to build a climate of acceptance for Latina/o/x LGBTQ youth

Meet La Tia Cecilia

“The most difficult problems affecting Latina/o/x LGBTQ youth are related to negative responses to their LGBTQ identity. Concern about family acceptance is the top problem identified, and having their families accept and support them is a key change they wish for in their lives.” – Supporting and Caring for Latino LGBTQ Youth Report (2012) by the Human Rights Campaign and The League of United Latin American Citizens Many concerns about family acceptance are deeply connected to religious beliefs, particularly within Latina/o/x families. According to a Pew Center Study, over 70% of Latinas/os/xs attend religious services regularly. Religious beliefs are often

The Community Voices Behind Entre Nos

The Community Voices Behind Entre Nos In February 2017, we launched our animated series – Entre Nos. Entre Nos follows one Latina/o/x family’s journey to accept their gay son and begin to understand how to support him within the family and out in the world. The series grew out of our 10 years of experience working with the families of Latina/o/x LGBTQ people and tackles real situations that families experience. We hope the series will reflect our community and provide hope and information to LGBTQ people and their families. In the first episode released in 2017, Miguel comes out to

10 Years of Unconditional Love

Dear Friends,                                                                            Happy Holidays to you and your family! This year Somos Familia is celebrating 10 years in the community! Many things have changed in the last ten years but one thing that has remained the same is our vision of a world where youth of all sexual orientations, gender expressions and identities are accepted and celebrated by their families and communities. For 10 years this organization that was built on unconditional love has touched so many lives. The families we have supported are the ones that are now supporting others on their journey to acceptance. Please read

Thank you for celebrating 10 Years of Somos Familia

Thank you to all who came and celebrated our anniversary with us on September 16th at the Women’s Building. Click here to see photos from the event.  

One Year Later

Today marks one year since the masacre at the Pulse night club in Orlando. Though we still mourn this terrible los of life, we remember the words of Mirna Medina a few days after the tragedy at The Pulse of Love Continues at Galería de la Raza. “May this fear I feel transform into a force, a power, a seed to continue to fight for the rights of the LGBTQ community.” “Especially for my fellow parents, this will not weaken us, on the contrary it will give us strength to accept our children and continue supporting them.”

Know Your Rights for Immigrant Communities!

                  More Resources: American Civil Liberties Union {Español} {English} United We Dream {English} Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund {English} National Center for Lesbian Rights {English} Transgender Law Center {Español} {English} American Immigration Lawyers Association {Abogados Gratuitos | Pro Bono Lawyers} Bay Area the Immigration Committee of the National Lawyers Guild {English} Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights of the SF Bay Area {English} AIDS Legal Referral Panel  {Español} {English}

We are Resilient and We Have Each Other

Once again we are confronted by hate against our families and community. We experience transphobia, biphobia, homophobia, islamophobia, xenophobia, racism, misogyny, and microaggressions daily but the sheer magnitude of the bigotry this election brought forth is painful. The road ahead will be a difficult one. We face a lot of uncertainty. Some of our friends, some of our family members and some of us may be personally targeted for who we are. Many of the victories we have celebrated over the last few years are threatened. What we have taught our children about respect and kindness has been refuted by

Day of the Dead

This weekend, Somos Familia will be celebrating Día de los Muertos in the Fruitvale neighborhood of Oakland. Sunday’s festival is themed Nuestras Raices: El Poder de la Comunidad (Our Roots: The Power of Community). For those of us who didn’t grow up celebrating the holiday, Alexina Estrada describes it in her article Finding Myself Before I Leave Mills|Why I love Día de los Muertos in this week’s The Campinil. El Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) “is the one day of the year that our departed loved ones are allowed to come back and roam the earth from

Resources for Dealing With the Mass Loss in Our Community After the Pulse Night Club Tragedy

7 Tips for Coping in the Aftermath of a Tragedy Take care of yourself first. You cannot be of service to others if you are unstable. Be sure to eat, sleep, exercise, and (if possible) maintain a normal daily routine. Pay attention to your emotional health. Remember that a wide range of feelings during these difficult times are common. Know that others are also experiencing emotional reactions and may need your time and patience to put their feelings and thoughts in order. Recognize when you or those around you may need extra support. It is not uncommon for individuals of all

A Message of Love from Somos Familia in the Wake of Orlando Shooting

To Our Latina/o/x Queer and Trans Community and their Familias, We at Somos Familia are writing to send our love and support to our Latino/a/x Queer and Trans community members and their families in the wake of the Orlando attack. We are a group of families with Latino/a/x LGBTQ children. Somos Orlando. We grieve for those whose lives were taken and send our love and support to their families and others who will miss them dearly. We also send our love to the many people who are dealing with physical and emotional injuries from the attack. Our entire community is

La Nota Rosa Interviews Somos Familia Members at Día de La Familia


How #LoveWins for All

By Maritza Martinez Reposted from Huffington Post Latino Voices (August 11, 2015) While this year will be touted as a landmark year for LGBTQ rights, 12 transgender women have already been murdered in 2015. More than 26 million Facebook users turned their profile pictures rainbow to support LGBTQ people’s right to marry — and that same week a San Francisco mural celebrating LGBTQ Latinos was set on fire. The #LoveWins hashtag dominated social media celebrating the historic marriage equality decision, but for love to truly win, we need family and community acceptance of all LGBTQ people. Ask any parent what they want for their children

We Are Not Alone

Reposted from Latino Community Foundation By Maritza Martinez I never really came out. My mom just figured it out. My family had some gay friends, but I was always terrified of disappointing them by coming out. Thankfully, my Catholic Cuban family embraced my partner and me as part of the family. I feel extremely grateful and fortunate for their love and acceptance. Currently and like my younger self, many Latina/o youth desperately wish for support and acceptance from their families. Family and community acceptance are key for the health and well-being of LGBTQ youth and adults. LGBTQ youth that are strongly rejected by

A Letter to Parents Who Don’t Accept their Gay and Transgender Children

By Laurin Mayeno Below is a letter of love and encouragement for parents who are not accepting of their lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) children. Many parents find themselves at a crossroads when they discover their child is LGBTQ. They need understanding and compassion to sort through the confusion and fear they might face. Please share this letter with someone you know. It could make a big difference for them. Dear Fellow Parent, I want you to know you are not alone. Maybe you were angry, devastated, or even horrified when you found out that your child was