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“I’d never realized that parents seeking to understand and support their LGBTQ+ children undergo a coming out process themselves. I’d never heard anyone recognize her own homophobia in quite as honest a way.”

- Somos Familia Member

“Seeing my mother relate and interact with other parents of the LGBTQ+ community, I realized she no longer feels that she is alone in having a queer child.”

- Somos Familia Volunteer

“When I came out to my mother her friends turned their backs on us. She now has hope and knows that she can make friends with other parents who will not judge her for having a queer child.”

- Somos Familia Member

“Somos Familia is not just about providing a space for support, it is also about leadership. The parents and families of Somos Familia use their stories to reach out to other families in isolation and to build a community of parents that can work collectively towards change. Somos Familia is sending out a message that we are not solely about LGBTQQ rights. We stand for a basic human right to express our love, culture, religion, and sexuality without fear of violent repercussions. This movement is a beautiful and important step that has been long awaited.”

- Somos Familia Member

“When we spoke with parents at Oakland Headstart, I realized they had few other places to share personal experiences and talk openly about creating safety for all children and families.”

- Somos Familia Member

“I am grateful to these families who shared their stories. I believe that it is through sharing our experiences and connecting with others that we can tear down walls of ignorance and build bridges of love and understanding. These brave families are doing so by documenting their experiences of growth and allowing them to be shared, and we, La Familia de UC Riverside, are infinitely grateful to them.”

- Somos Familia Workshop Participant

“Through the group, I found many answers to the concerns I had. As I accepted my son as he is and shared with others, I had less fears, anxiety and worries about how other people see him and us. It created the space to be able to talk with my family. It proved to me that my family is my family and accepts my son as he is without prejudices.”

- Somos Familia Parent Group Member

“It allows me, a bi person, to be a part of a support group that brings me into the community. It also allows me to meet other people like me and have friends that are like me.”

- Somos Familia Member

“In my family, it has improved my relationship with my parents, especially my mom. It has made me feel like I have someone who completely supports me and loves me. It has helped me face the world with more confidence.”

- Somos Familia Member