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Donors like you are critical to our work. Donate to Somos Familia by making a one-time gift or by joining our monthly donors’ club. Make an online donation to Somos Familia today.

Your donation of:

  • $25 will help us produce materials for one family acceptance workshop at a school or community organization.
  • $50 will provides a stipend to a parent to share their story at a community workshop.
  • $100 will helps fund refreshments for a gathering where families with LGBTQ children can build community.
  • $250 will allow us to host a parent support meeting where families can have breakthrough conversations about the intersection of LGBTQ and Latinx culture.
  • $500 will fund our volunteer training to foster their leadership development in order to create change in their homes, schools, and communities.

Donations by check must be made out to “Somos Familia” and mailed to: Somos Familia PO Box 16058 Oakland, CA 94610