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Dear Friends,                                                                           

Happy Holidays to you and your family! This year Somos Familia is celebrating 10 years in the community! Many things have changed in the last ten years but one thing that has remained the same is our vision of a world where youth of all sexual orientations, gender expressions and identities are accepted and celebrated by their families and communities.

For 10 years this organization that was built on unconditional love has touched so many lives. The families we have supported are the ones that are now supporting others on their journey to acceptance. Please read the following story shared by one our members about their family’s engagement with Somos Familia­­.

I knew my mother was struggling to understand me. We went to a Somos Familia event and she found community. As a teenager I thought “Mom, you don’t understand me. Geez!” but I was lucky that my mom had this support system and eventually the tools to support other parents. One day she came home and told me about her co-worker with a gay son. She was able to guide him and have an impromptu family acceptance discussion on their lunch break. It’s a beautiful thing to know I can talk to my mom about anything, even in regards to my transition, and she’ll be there for me fully. This is one of the beautiful tools Somos Familia has given families like mine — the knowledge that they have a support system and that they are able to make change, not only in their families but with everyone they interact with in community.

We have come so far since that first meeting in 2007 when founding members gathered to create a vision for a new organization. And we still have so much work to do. Somos Familia has always been by us and for us. In this milestone year, we are calling on your generosity to help us continue to grow and reach more families. Your contribution to our work at the intersection of LGBTQ and Latina/o/x communities will allow us to:

  •   Conduct workshops at local schools to help create safer environments for all children and youth.
  •   Host community events where parents and youth can have safe breakthrough conversations.
  •   Foster leadership development to create change in our homes, schools, and communities.
  •   Create more Spanish-language materials to explain LGBTQ identities and family acceptance.
  •   Expand our work to new communities of families who have requested our support.

I am so proud of the work Somos Familia is doing. Join me in supporting this incredible life-changing organization with a financial donation (and/or a donation of your time and talent) so that we can continue to do this critical work for another 10 years and beyond.

In Solidarity,




Maritza Martinez

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